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Screening for "at-risk" feet

​Andrew J.M. Boulton:
The pathway to foot ulceration: Autonomic neuropathy leading to dry skin and callus build at such sites, and can be regarded as a component cause. Screening for „at-risk“ feet is the job of all of those caring for people with Diabetes. 

"Exciting Innovation"


Stella Vig, a consultant vascular and general surgeon and chairwoman of the London Diabetic Foot Network, says:

“This is an exciting innovation. In association with a yearly foot screen and referral to the podiatry services, this will reduce the risk of amputations.

All diabetic patients with an abnormal neuropad® test had structural denervation of the feet


C. Quattrini et. al.

A comparative study of the neuropad®  test versus skin biopsies from thedorsum of the foot showed that all diabetic patients with abnormal neuropad® test had significantly lower IENFDs compared to diabetic patients with a normal neuropad® response and healthy subjects.

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